TOPICTITLE -- title of a topic

  • The topic title is defined by, in order of sequence:
    • form field named "Title",
    • topic preference setting named TITLE,
    • topic name.
  • Syntax: %TOPICTITLE% or %TOPICTITLE{ topic="OpenTopicsName" }%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter:Sorted descending Description: Default:
    encode="html" Encode special characters into HTML entities. If a TOPICTITLE is passed into an HTML form field it should be encoded as "html". Additional encodings: encode="quote", encode="moderate", encode="safe", encode="entity" and encode="url". See ENCODE for details. "" (no encoding)
    "..." or
    OpenTopics to get the title from. Can be of form OpenTopicsName or Web.OpenTopicsName. Current topic
  • Example: %TOPICTITLE{Projects.SushiProject}% returns Sushi Project assuming the topic has a form field named "Title" with value "Sushi Project"
  • Expands to: VarTOPICTITLE
  • Hint: Write [[+SomeTopicName]] to get the topic title link of a topic, see TWikiEditingShorthand#OpenTopicsTitleLinks
  • Category: SystemInformationVariables

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